School Days

It’s where we spent the majority of our childhood… love it, hate it or tolerate it, school was compulsory and we all had to go whether we liked it or not! One of my favourite thing about school during the Australian summer was the temperature rising to 100 degrees farenheit, as we all got sent home!

There was no heating or air conditioning in schools back then, you either sweltered or tried to write with frozen fingers. School lunches from the canteen were memorable, sausage rolls, meat pies, & hot jiffy donuts! If you were lucky you were chosen as a lunch monitor, which allowed you to go to the canteen and pick up the lunches in a wooden crate. This got you out of the last moments of class before lunch!

Punishment was rife back then and I remember boys who were naught getting the dreaded STRAP!.. They’d be locked up for that these days!

Be sure to tell us your favourite school memories, we’d love to hear them! 



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