Toy’s were far simpler back then… we were easily amused with drawing on the road with chalk and creating a hopscotch grid, skipping in groups with long, heavy ropes & entwining ourselves in huge lengths of elastics. We built billy carts & caught tadpoles and were gone all day long. We played in the street without fear and were often fed by our friend’s mums.

Then there was the “crazes”!… Yoyo’s, Swap Cards, Roller Skates, Dragster Bicycles, Chrissy & Velvet dolls to name just a few. Board games were a part of everyone’s childhood and many hours were spent playing these with our friends and families. A few of these games remain today, but most have gone forever and been replaced with the digital age.

Did you have a favourite toy or game? Let us know, we’d love to hear all about it and chances are we remember it too!




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