Mum’s Chocolate Cake

Remember when Mum stayed home & had time to bake cakes? Who could resist a chocolate cake, they’re still as popular today as they were back then. Here’s a traditional recipe from the 60’s – the essential, easy to make, easy to remember childhood Chocolate Cake Recipe.

The smell of this baking in the kitchen when you got home from school was the most wonderful aroma! You just wished it was going to . . . → Read More: Mum’s Chocolate Cake

Mum’s Chow Mein

This recipe was probably one of the first Australian recipes to use the exotic ingredient – “curry powder”! This Chow Mein didn’t really taste anything like Asian cuisine, but it was very tasty & kids loved it!

Asian Cuisine was just starting to kick in to Australian cooking in the 70’s and this was a kind of mix between western & oriental cuisine. It was very fast & easy to make & perfect for parties . . . → Read More: Mum’s Chow Mein

Chicken Divan

Not sure where the name came from, perhaps it was best eaten in front of the telly, sitting on the divan? Anyway this was a favourite at buffet dinners. You could make it in big batches & it served an army. It had the two key ingredients of the seventies, Cream of Chicken Soup & Mayonnaise. It’s actually quite tasty & a good way to get your daily serve of broccoli!


8 chicken breasts . . . → Read More: Chicken Divan

Jelly Whip

This dessert was really simple and one of the first recipes I remember my mum allowing me to make on my own!

You just dissolved the crystals, let them cool & then whisked in the Carnation Milk. After a few hours in the fridge you had a yummy pink mixture that was light & fluffy & melted in your mouth. Delicious with whipped cream & a few strawberries!

Here’s the recipe…

Ingredients (serves 4) 2 . . . → Read More: Jelly Whip