Mouse Trap

A popular board game first published by “Ideal” in 1963 for two or more players. Players travel as mice from one end of the board to the other, moving in turn, guided by a six sided die. Upon landing on a square, they either retrieve a piece of cheese, or assemble a piece of the Mouse Trap contraption. The contraption has gears, a marble which rolls from end to end down a miniature staircase, ramps, rubber bands, diving men, and ends of course in a mouse trap, specifically a dome-shaped cage which clatters down a toothed pole.

Mouse Trap Board Game

Once the mousetrap has been completely constructed, players can attempt to capture each others’ mice in it by turning the crank, which activates the mousetrap. If the mousetrap doesn’t malfunction, the mouse is captured and out of the game. The winner is the last mouse who avoids being trapped.

The main appeal of Mouse Trap is the ridiculously complex contraption that is the mousetrap. Somehow even young children can figure out how to assemble it from the blueprints on the board, and everyone enjoys watching it do its magic.

This is one of the earliest board games I can remember and quite a few of my friends had this game in various stages of entirety. There were lots of small, easily lost pieces & owning a complete game was rare. Tons of fun though, kept us amused for hours.

Watch the original 1963 Mouse Trap Commercial

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