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Woorilla Caught … will take you back in time. Back to Australia during the 60’s & 70’s. That’s where I spent my childhood & for me, it’s a place & time of many happy memories.

My first school photo (1970). I’m in first seated row, 4th from right.

About Me…

I’m Cindy Amey (nee McDonald) & I was born  in 1964....the year – the Beatles toured Australia, Polo Prince won the Melbourne Cup & the TV Series Homicide commenced its 12 year run.

I lived with my parents in the middle class suburb of Frankston (Melbourne, Victoria) & our street was “Woorilla Court”.  It was typical of the times with brick veneer & weatherboard houses, lots of young families & sat smack between the local Primary & High School.

I grew up in a middle class family, with one older brother. My mum stayed at home & my dad ran his own business as a Piano Tuner – W McDonald & Sons, never did work out what the “sons” bit meant as my brother never worked with my Dad & had no intentions of taking it on after dad retired!

We often had a garage full of pianos’ dad was repairing and you could be mistaken thinking Dad was a concert pianist, the way his fingers ran up and down the keys. But the truth is he couldn’t play a note!

I had a very happy childhood enjoying swimming, ballet, tennis, arts & crafts. I was a shy child but had a few close friends & loved animals. I loved school holidays when my mum would often treat me & my best friend Sue to a train ride in to Melbourne with lunch at the bustling Coles Cafeteria, shopping & a movie matinee. We’d get home late & pick up fish & chips for dinner!

Life seemed far simpler back then. You could play in the street, roller skate down your driveway, catch tadpoles in ponds, draw hopscotch on the road & I distinctly remember the pumping heart sensation when you heard Mr Whippy entering your street!

I hope you enjoy this website & it brings back lots of memories for you, it certainly did for me whilst building it. I’d like to thank my my oldest friend “Sue Ingram” for jogging my memory on several occassions whilst building this site. Her memory is far better than mine & without her input, I’m sure half the memories would have remained forgotten. Thanks Sue x

Have fun & feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoy the “journey”!

Cindy x

Me in 1971 with my “dolly cut”

Me in 2017


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