Fashions of the 60’s & 70’s were truly unique!.. Flared Jeans, Cheesecloth peasant tops, Bubble Tops, Hotpants, Desert Boots, Platform Shoes, Mini Skirts, Knee Length Boots, Body Shirts, and tons more!

Many have returned briefly over the years, but never as prolific and popular as they were back then. Re-live some of your fashions and tell us the ones you particular remember & cherish in a comment!

As a very young child in the 60’s I grew up wearing pleated skirts, twin sets & patent shoes. As I began to reach my teens, jeans appeared but it took me many years to get out of my girly dresses! My mum tried to encourage me to wear jeans, but I was determined to stay with my dresses and shiny shoes lol! Eventually I discovered jeans and then mum had trouble getting me out of them!



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