Desert Boots

Desert Boots exemplified the relaxed fashion of the 70’s & they were the perfect footwear to compliment our flared jeans & cheesecloth tops! When new, they looked quite smart, but as they got worn in, rained on & beautifully comfortable, they didn’t age well.

Smart, new desert boots

They very soon lost their shape & colour & fast became an eye sore to our parents, but not to us! The older & shabbier they were, the more comfortable they became & fitted your foot like an old pair of jeans!

My High School allowed us to wear these with our winter school uniforms. Cord trousers, skivvies, V Neck School Jumpers  & Desert boots were very cool! I don’t think they were ever officially part of the school uniform, but every kid wore them and the school seemed powerless to make us wear the dreaded black leather school shoe, so I think they probably just gave in & put up with it. I do remember some teachers wearing them also, so I guess that helped our case!

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  • Phil

    Don’t forget ripple soled desert boots .. in black .. the desert boots here had to have the very flakey sole .. the hard sole and you were a loser!

  • We used to call them ‘DBs’ and you wore them with your Californian Levis to school.

  • Buddy68

    We used to wear “Rollers” which were hight top. It was essential to write boyfriends name and favourite bands on them in nasty black texta and dress them up with wild laces. You weren’t cool back then if you had the old “pasties” desert boots with the seam line up the centre front……..sad. Looooovved my Rollers 🙂

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