McDonalds opens in Australia

As McDonald’s stores opened in Australia throughout the 70’s, we were lucky enough to have one in my home town of Frankston. Fast Food was still a fairly new phenomena back then, but people flocked to the new McDonalds restaurant & stood in long queues to order their burgers. No-one knew the bad health effects from junk food back then, it was all new, exciting & you just had to have it!

There was an advertisement running on TV at that time, with a jingle description of a “Big Mac”. There was a competition a the counter where if you said the whole jingle in less than 3 seconds, you got a Big Mac for FREE!

“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun”.

Here it is!

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  • Andrew

    The town was Yagoona, which opened in 1971. Today over 900 stores operate across Australia. There are some that have taken old buildings and turned them into McDonalds, like the old hotel in Clifton Hill in Victoria.

  • Andrew

    The first McDonald’s in Australia was in a eastern suburb of Sydney. I had the list of the opening of McDonald’s in Australia but have lost it since I used it.

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