Mr Ed – The Talking Horse

This wonderful, unique TV series produced 145 episodes from 1958 until 1966.

The starring character “Mister Ed” is a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post. Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur, but not anyone else!

Of course this gets Wilbur in to all kinds of trouble including his wife who becomes jealous of Wilbur’s attentions to Mr Ed.

Theories abound as to how Mr. Ed’s lips moved during the eight-year run of the 1960s television show. According to website “Wide Open Pets “Initially, a string was used. However, after training with Les Hilton, with whom the horse celebrity formed such a strong bond that he would only respond to him, the gelding learned to wag his lips whenever his hoof was touched.”

Many more secrets abound with this iconic black-and-white TV show:

  • Bamboo Harvester was the name of the palomino show horse that played Mr. Ed. However, his stunt double, Pumpkin, was actually a Quarter horse. They looked almost identical except for a gold spot on Pumpkin’s white patch. The coloration was covered up with white make-up for filming.
  • Because Bamboo Harvester only took direction from his trainer, Hilton had to be on set for every shot.
  • Actor Alan Young had to dye his naturally blonde hair a darker color because his locks blended in too much with the horse on the black-and-white screen.
  • Bamboo Harvester decided when he was done for the day and would reportedly just walk off the set when he was ready to call it quits.

The iconic theme song went like this…

“A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse, of course. That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed.”


Mr Ed was another of my favourite “after school” TV shows & I remember wondering if the horse was really talking!  I also recall my Mum also enjoyed this show and coming out to watch it whilst she was cooking the dinner. Mr Ed got Wilbur into some very funny situations & the show appealed to many ages. I also wanted a horse after every episode!



Mr Ed Opening Theme Tune…



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