The old Bata Shoe (Frankston)

Does anyone remember the old Bata Shoe?

The old Bata Shoe on parade

Bata used to have their factory in Frankston & they had this huge shoe which appeared in the Australia Day Parade during the 60’s & early 70’s. It used to have small children popping out all the little windows in the shoe. It was delightful & I used to look for it every year. I have a vague recollection it also appeared in the Moomba Parade? Anyone know the history of this shoe?

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  1. The old Bata shoe now resides at a garden supplies business about 10 mins south of Frankston, down on the Moorooduc highway on the left hand side on the way to Dromana. You can’t miss it as it is now been painted a ghastly yellow.

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