Flared Jeans

One thing that has remained a common factor in the fashion world over the years has been the ever-popular jeans.  Jeans with frayed edges were pretty much in demand as much then as they are now. The legs were generally flared towards the bottom, known as bell-bottoms or simply flares. The hipsters that are a staple diet amongst youngsters today, were popular in the 1970s, as were high-waisted jeans. Embroidered jeans or those with metal embellishments were considered to be really groovy!

Flared, high-waisted, embroidered 70’s Jeans

I loved embroidered jeans, in fact I remember refusing to wear jeans which had no fancy bits up the flared leg! They came in all types of designs including swirls, dragons & many others I can’t remember.

Another 70’s fashion that has re-appeared several times, although never as long lived & popular as they were back then. I remember my first pair of flares with the swirly stuff up the leg and they were soooo cool!! Paired with my suede shoes & cheesecloth peasant top I was definitely a child of the 70’s!

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  1. My flares had red hearts on the flare..then after that came those jeans that were light blue denim with the high waist & high back with a buckle…I think they were called ‘eastcoast’..or something similar. Can anyone else remember them?

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