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You’re probably wondering about the weird website name right?

Woorilla Court was the name of the suburban street I grew up in during the 60’s & 70’s. It’s still there, in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston & holds many precious memories for me. I wanted to capture those memories & re-live them, so I decided to document many of them into this website & called it Woorilla CAUGHT!

The 60’s & 70’s were a time of great change in Australia (& the world). Australian perspectives on immigration, war, sexual morality, the role of women and the environment were undergoing radical change.

Of course as a child I was oblivious to most of this, my world was consumed with far more important events like Johnny Farnham hitting the charts, the arrival of colour television, McDonald’s  opening stores in Australia and a highlight for me… the  introduction of  late night shopping !

Fashion was in full swing with exotic fabrics like cheese cloth & seersucker! Flares were in everyone’s wardrobe, along with  halter neck tops, hotpants, desert boots & platform shoes. It was the good old days…. Mr Whippy stopped right outside your house, roller skates were tied on to the outside of your shoes & a Choc Wedge at the local Milk Bar cost a whopping 8c!!

This website is designed to remind you of TV shows, products, toys, games, food, fashion & lots more. Our comment section also allows you to share wonderful memories of your own. By popular demand, we’ve also included easy links to impulse purchase some of your favourite TV Show episodes, many of which have become Cult Classics!. They don’t make them like that any more.

Woorilla Caught will hopefully bring back memories to those who lucky enough to grow up in this iconic, wonderful era & a valuable and insight for those who didn’t.

I hope you enjoy the ride!


Cindy x

p.s. this site is constantly a work in progress, so be sure to check back regularly and also visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for regular memories of the past. https://www.facebook.com/childhoodmemories1960/

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