Roneo Machines

Once a must-have apparatus for every school/office where document reproduction was required, the Roneo machine has now become obsolete technology. The Rotary Neostyle duplicator was one of the best-selling machines of its type and its name later become a generic term for the devices. I do remember a similar machine called a “Gestetner” they both were good at getting ink all over your hands. Younger generations might not be familiar with the device and most . . . → Read More: Roneo Machines


Clackers are the toy with a million names. They are essentially two large marbles attached by a sturdy string with a ring in the center. You would put your finger in the ring allowing the marbles or balls to hang below. Here is where the fun starts. The idea was to get the two balls tapping (or clacking if you prefer) against each other by pulling up on the ring lightly. Once you got the . . . → Read More: Clackers


Remember the wonderful hopping game that only needed a road surface & a stone. We were easily amused in those days!

Hopscotch provided hours of fun!

This was a game I really enjoyed. I remember drawing the hopscotch grid with special stone,which i kept in a secret place in the gutter outside my house. You needed the right kind of stone, a bit soft & preferably with sharp edge, so it drew nice white . . . → Read More: Hopscotch

Louie the Fly

Louie the Fly…..What an icon of the 60’s and still lives on today!.

Born in 1957, the loveable rogue, Louie the Fly always seemed destined for stardom.

The youngest of three, Louie was the apple of mother Marg’s eye and she soon realised that Louie was more than just another fly on the block. Louie was bad, mean and mighty unclean and, what’s more, he spread disease with the greatest of ease. Marg could . . . → Read More: Louie the Fly

Cod Liver Oil, yuk!

Cod liver oil is very good for you… who remembers that statement from a determined mother trying to force a nice big spoonful into you? Well apparently she was right, more than you ever knew!

A spoonful at Kindergarten

Research studies ranging from 1918-2001 give cod liver oil an A+ rating. This marvelous golden oil contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamin A and more vitamin D per unit weight than any . . . → Read More: Cod Liver Oil, yuk!