Mum’s Chocolate Cake

Remember when Mum stayed home & had time to bake cakes? Who could resist a chocolate cake, they’re still as popular today as they were back then. Here’s a traditional recipe from the 60’s.

“I loved my Mum’s Chocolate Cake. It was always a great surprise to find it in my school case for play lunch…wrapped in the pretty waxed paper!” … recipe submitted by Sue.


Mum's Chocolate Cake

2 Eggs . . . → Read More: Mum’s Chocolate Cake

Mum’s Chow Mein

This recipe was probably one of the first Australian recipes to use the exotic ingredient – “curry powder”! This Chow Mein didn’t really taste anything like Asian cuisine, but it was very tasty & kids loved it!

“It’s funny how a particular recipe can carry on through the years and still be enjoyed as much today as it was way back then. I can remember my Mum often used to make this dish on the . . . → Read More: Mum’s Chow Mein

Chicken Divan

Not sure where the name came from, perhaps it was best eaten in front of the telly, sitting on the divan? Anyway this was a favourite at buffet dinners. You could make it in big batches & it served an army. It had the two key ingredients of the seventies, Cream of Chicken Soup & Mayonnaise. It’s actually quite tasty & a good way to get your daily serve of broccoli!


8 chicken breasts . . . → Read More: Chicken Divan

Jelly Whip

This dessert was really simple and one of the first recipes I remember my mum allowing me to make on my own!

You just dissolved the crystals, let them cool & then whisked in the Carnation Milk. After a few hours in the fridge you had a yummy pink mixture that was light & fluffy & melted in your mouth. Delicious with whipped cream & a few strawberries!

Here’s the recipe…

Ingredients (serves 4) 2 . . . → Read More: Jelly Whip