Put a tiger in your tank

TigerDo you remember the ESSO drive to sell petrol with this campaign, not only were petrol stations covered with tiger pictures & inflated Tigers but people drove round with a tiger tail hanging from their petrol caps. There were also some stations that had large yellow tiger paw prints leading up to & away from the petrol pumps.

In Europe the petrol pumps even had tiger stripped hoses to pump the fuel, it was all supposed to give us more power & fun while driving.

They sold the tails in the garage shop the idea must have come from America it had all the hall marks of an AD Agency. 5009867828_779cb795a0_bIt was one of the most successful petrol campaigns of all time & it even made it out to Frankston. Esso was bought out by Exxon Mobile & I haven’t seen their petrol for sale since about mid 90’s. They are still around but into natural gas these days even after the Esso Longford gas plant explosion in Melbourne in 1998 which cut gas supplies for many days.

I thought the Tiger was called Tony but that’s another tiger used by Kellogg’s to sell Frosties but that another story.




Oz Esso commercial 1969

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  1. Thanks for the article. I had no clue what Gil Scott Heron was talking about in his song “the revolution will not be televised” lyric “You won’t have to worry about the tiger in your tank”.

  2. Interested to see a photo of my car (the green Riley 1.5) I’ve been a keen fan of the tiger since I was teenager. The tiger tail is a genuine 60’s one but the sticker on the petrol cap is repro. Wonder who took the photo, must have been within the last 6 0r 7 years.

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