Colour TV arrives in Oz!

A very memorable event indeed! Remember the incredible excitement as all your favourite programs looked so much better in “living colour”. My grandparents must have gotten one of Melbourne’s first colour televisions, many years before we got ours. I remember visiting them to see this amazing new invention & disappointed to see barely a hint of colour! My grandfather seemed strangely reluctant to turn the colour dial up, keeping the picture almost Black & White, with just a hint of colour. It was almost as if he was scared of over indulging everyone in colour & had to keep it within the TV set for fear of letting too much out! Whenever he left the room my dad would jump up & turn the colour up, just to annoy him.

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  1. The first TV I saw was at an Aunties, the screen was about 10″ across and the picture was not black & white more sepia & white, very blurred and snowy. I had left home before my parents got a colour TV, they were so expensive everyone had to rent them.

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