Flared Jeans

One thing that has remained a common factor in the fashion world over the years has been the ever-popular jeans. Jeans with frayed edges were pretty much in demand as much then as they are now. The legs were generally flared towards the bottom, known as bell-bottoms or simply flares. The hipsters that are a staple diet amongst youngsters today, were popular in the 1970s, as were high-waisted jeans. Embroidered jeans or those with metal . . . → Read More: Flared Jeans

Desert Boots

Desert Boots exemplified the relaxed fashion of the 70’s & they were the perfect footwear to compliment our flared jeans & cheesecloth tops! When new, they looked quite smart, but as they got worn in, rained on & beautifully comfortable, they didn’t age well.

Smart, new desert boots

They very soon lost their shape & colour & fast became an eye sore to our parents, but not to us! The older & shabbier they . . . → Read More: Desert Boots

Treads (footwear of the 70’s)

Treads… who could forget these?

Does anyone remember these shoes of the 70’s? The soles were made from a tyre tread & the tops were interwoven strips of suede. Kids loved them & parents hated them with a vengeance!! Perhaps it was the slovenly look which the older generation took exception to. They were quite heavy, so you did tend to drag your feet & they definitely gave you that “hippy” look! I pleaded . . . → Read More: Treads (footwear of the 70’s)

Scratch n Sniff T-Shirts

Remember Scratch n Sniff T-Shirts!

Strawberry Scratch n Sniff

They came in all sorts of flavours like Chocolate, Cheese,Strawberry, Bugglegum & lots more. Back in the 70’s these were extremely popular for a short while & on every kid’s xmas list, including mine. I was lucky enough to receive one from my Aunt and even after several washes it still had a faint odour of pepperoni pizza! I loved this t-shirt & wore it . . . → Read More: Scratch n Sniff T-Shirts