The old Bata Shoe (Frankston)

Does anyone remember the old Bata Shoe?

The old Bata Shoe on parade

Bata used to have their factory in Frankston & they had this huge shoe which appeared in the Australia Day Parade during the 60’s & early 70’s. It used to have small children popping out all the little windows in the shoe. It was delightful & I used to look for it every year. I have a vague recollection it also . . . → Read More: The old Bata Shoe (Frankston)

McDonalds opens in Australia

As McDonald’s stores opened in Australia throughout the 70’s, we were lucky enough to have one in my home town of Frankston. Fast Food was still a fairly new phenomena back then, but people flocked to the new McDonalds restaurant & stood in long queues to order their burgers.

There was an advertisement running on TV at that time, with a jingle description of a “Big Mac”. There was a competition a the counter where . . . → Read More: McDonalds opens in Australia

Colour TV arrives in Oz!

A very memorable event indeed! Remember the incredible excitement as all your favourite programs looked so much better in “living colour”. My grandparents must have gotten one of Melbourne’s first colour televisions, many years before we got ours. I remember visiting them to see this amazing new invention & disappointed to see barely a hint of colour! My grandfather seemed strangely reluctant to turn the colour dial up, keeping the picture almost Black & White, . . . → Read More: Colour TV arrives in Oz!